Gourmet Food Box


Groca Food Box has been prepared by the Groca.Net team who is carefully selected from the products which our shoppers would like to buy often. The only purpose of selection priority is the longevity of the products. The selection of products has not purposed a target of ads neither commercial nor individuals!

Please see below for ingredients of the Groca Food Box!


1 x Yoruk Chickpeas:
Chickpeas 2lbs  (Nohut 1KG)  ( - ) 

1 x Keyifce Cevizli Sucuk: Keyifce Churchkhela Walnut (Cevizli Sucuk) 100Gr ( - ) 

1 x Yoruk Brown Coarse Bulgur Wheat (Esmer Pilavlik Bulgur):Yoruk Brown Coarse Bulgur Wheat  Esmer Pilavlik Bulgur Weight : 1000g / 2.20lbs

1 x Tadim Sunflower Seeds Extra Salted 198gr: Tadim Sunflower Seeds Extra Salted 198gr
1 x Reis Beans: Reis Dermason Fasulye Weight : 1000g / 2.20 lbs
1 x Ulker Tea Biscuits: Ulker Tea Biscuits
1 x Marmarabirlik Black Basket Olive (Dogal Siyah Zeytin) 3XS: Dogal Siyah Zeytin 3XS (3xSmall Weight : 400 gr / 0.88 lbs
1 x Oncu Domates Salcasi 700gr: Domates Salcasi 700gr
1 x Caykur Rize Tea 500gr: Caykur Rize Tea 500gr
1 x Sehrazat Turkish Delight Plain (Sade Turk Lokumu): Weight : 500g / 17,6 Oz
1 x Figy Dried Figs: Kurutulmus incir Weight : 200 gr / 0.44 lbs
1 x Floria Strawberry Jam (Cilek Receli): Floria Cilek Receli Weight : 600 g / 1.32 lbs
1 x Dimes Mango Juice: Dimes Mango Meyve Suyu Weight : 1lt / 2.20lbs
1 x Ipek Vermicelli (Tel Sehriye): Ipek Tel Sehriye Weight 454gr / 1lbs / 16 Oz
1 x Ipek Spaghetti Pasta (Makarna): Fusilli Pasta (Makarna) Weight : 454Gr / 1lbs
1 x Berrak Mix Pickles (Karisik Tursu): Berrak Karisik Tursu Weight : 720ml / 1.58lbs

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